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One of the biggest challenges people experience when moving to a new area is the hassle of re-establishing banking, insurance and housing. We hope to make the transition a bit easier by offering this guide to businesses who understand and appreciate their local military (and civilian) customers. Information about these services is usually required prior to coming to this area.

We will further expand this section to include a whole realm of other businesses and services that will benefit you during your stay in the Rapid City area.

Colleges/Schools | Computer Services | Real Estate | Banks/Credit Unions
Mortgage Companies | Car Dealers | Civic Organizations

Please check back often for new sponsors...

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive listing of local merchants who not only desire a lasting relationship with the military community but a means to showcase their business to the local population as well.

Support your local community and be sure to check out the coupons offered on these pages. These coupons are designed for you to print out and bring into the merchant. Look for "click here for coupon" under a banner. 


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