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On-Base Housing Information
Off-Base Housing Information

Most newcomers to Ellsworth AFB will live off-base for at least a short time while they wait for on-base housing.  Rental availability is limited.  There are a variety of homes for sale including many new home construction areas.

If you will be moving off-base you should first report to the Housing Office for information. This office keeps an updated list of local rentals. They can also provide information on local realtors. Housing management can also help with landlord/tenant disputes and housing discrimination complaints. You MUST consult with this office before entering into a rental contract, lease or purchase agreement.

HOUSING OFFICE-  Located at 3025 Lincoln Drive.
Hours:  Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 3:00 pm
     605.385.2568 / DSN 675.2568

Rental rates vary widely. Expect to pay between $700  - $1,200 for an average sized rental home.   Cheaper rates are most likely available for apartments;  average $500 - $900. 

Housing prices average $140,000 - $220,000.  You will find many new housing developments in the area.   Many have homes available for immediate purchase if you do not have the time required to build your own.

For up to date information on local housing please contact one of the many local Real Estate companies. They offer current housing availability as well as relocation assistance.

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