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Ellsworth Air Force Base Good to Know Information



What is the speed limit on base?

Where can I find out how to.......?

Who do I see to....?

How much is...?

So many important new details to figure out so we are here to help! Take a few minutes to browse through some of the information we think is valuable for you to know upon arrival in Rapid City.

**Ellsworth's telephone prefix is 605.385.XXXX and it's DSN is 675.XXXX

**Vehicles can be registered in state or in service member's home state of record.  South Dakota license fees are based on year and weight of vehicle.

**New arrivals to the Base have 90 days to obtain a South Dakota driver's license if they have a valid out-of-state license and plan to drive.  Applicants are required to take a written test and vision test and must surrender their out-of-state license.    The Driver's License Bureau is located in the Highway Patrol Building, 1301 E. Catron Blvd, Room 105.   Their hours are Mon - Fri 8a - 11:30a and 1p - 4:30p.  Their phone number is:  605.394.5480

**Housing occupants can have no more than 2 pets (cat or dog).  They must be registered with the Base Veterinarian Office within 30 days.

**New arrivals can have their mail forwarded to the Ellsworth Postal Center.  First, call to notify them that mail will be arriving.  Their number is 605.385.6229 / DSN 675.6229.  The forwarding address is:

Name / Rank
2650 Spaatz Drive
Unit 5000
Ellsworth AFB, SD  57706-4750

**During August and September the area becomes busy and crowded.  Many travel to the area for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  You will notice an increase is the cost of many things, such as lodging and gasoline, during this time.

**South Dakota law requires a child to have a TB test before school admission.

**South Dakota's state motto is Under God the People Rule.


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