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Minot Air Force Base Good to Know



What is the speed limit on base?

Where can I find out how to.......?

Who do I see to....?

How much is...?

So many important new details to figure out so we are here to help! Take a few minutes to browse through some of the information we think is valuable for you to know upon arrival in Minot.

**Minot's telephone area code is 701 and it's DSN is 453.XXXX

**Active Duty members can use their out-of-state driver's license.  However, dependants must surrender their out-of-state license and apply for a North Dakota license within 60 days.   The Dept of Transportation/ Driver's License Office is located at 1600 2nd Ave SW.  Their phone number is 701.857.7624.   The cost is $10 for the license, $5 for the written test and $5 for the road test (if required).

**Register your vehicle within 72 hours of arriving on base.  Registration requires military ID, civilian driver's license, and vehicle registration.  You will be required to sign a certificate stating that you have at least the state required minimums for insurance.

**New arrivals can have their mail forwarded to the Minot Postal Center.   The forwarding address is:

Name / Rank
General Delivery
PSC 1 Box 1000
Minot AFB, ND  58705-5000

**No weapons are allowed in TLF or the dorms.

**To register pets on-base you will need a current rabies certificate and proof of distemper (from within past year).  They must be provided by a licensed vet or vet tech.

**Expect a wide range of weather as the North Dakota climate is varied.  The Minot area has cold, snowy winters and hot summers. 

**For updated road condition information:  701.723.1190

**North Dakota Details:  Capital is Bismarck. Population is approximately 643,000.  Motto is "Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable".


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