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OK, I am here --- now what?  

Arrival at a new Base is an exciting but worrisome time. Information on your new assignment will be the key to making your first days at Hill AFB a pleasant experience. There are numerous resources which offer bits of information but we will place valuable information in one location so you can easily navigate through the arrival process.

Getting to Hill AFB

Driving Yourself

Directions to the South Gate (open 24 hours, 7 days per week)-  Take I-15 to Exit 331.  Go east to the South Gate.  There is a Visitor Center located at this entrance.  The phone number:  801.777.2394

From the Airport

Exit the airport and merge onto I-80 East.  Exit 117 onto I-215 North which will eventually merge into I-15 North.  Take exit 331.  Go east to South Gate.


Mountain View Inn-  Phone # 801.777.1844 (DSN 777.1844)
Billeting is comprised of 222 rooms. 

In Processing

The Mountain View Inn is the check in point for all officers and enlisted airmen upon arrival to Hill AFB. You will report to your Commanders Support Staff/Orderly Room. If you have more specific questions, please call (801) 777-1844 or your unit command.

The Blue uniform is worn during in-processing at Hill AFB. You will need enough uniforms for the six days you will be with the detachment. Do not forget to bring your personnel records including medical, dental and financial when checking in. A billeting assignment, bedding and a temporary meal card for those not on rations will be assigned to you once you have checked in.

Your family is welcome to stay at the Hill AFB Lodge in temporary housing. Reservations can be made in advance of arrival by calling (807) 777-1844. If they are full please refer to hotels off Hill AFB


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