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What is the speed limit on base?

Where can I find out how to.......?

Who do I see to....?

How much is...?

So many important new details to figure out so we are here to help! Take a few minutes to browse through some of the information we think is valuable for you to know upon arrival in Colorado Springs.

**DSN prefix for number starting with 567-xxxx  is 560-xxxx.

**Vehicles must be registered with the base within 72 hours of arrival, by visiting the Visitor Center / Pass & Registration in Bldg 20.  Be prepared to show your proof of insurance, registration, and driver's license.

**The Schriever Snow Call Line is updated with road conditions, base closure and delays.  719.567.SNOW (7669)

**Schriever motorcyclists must renew their training every 3 years.  Only Motorcycle Safety Foundation Certified courses are approved.

**Colorado weather is about the craziest you will find.  Snowfall one day and 70 degrees the prepared for anything! 

**Schriever AFB has privatized base housing.

**Seatbelt usage is mandatory.  Since it is a primary offense not to use seatbelts on base, you can be stopped for it and cited.


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