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Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center 
Base Operator  719.474.1110 / DSN 286.1110


Hours were current at time of publishing.  It is a good idea to call to verify.

AMERICAN RED CROSS- Serves the Peterson Complex, Cheyenne Mountain and other geographically separated units. 719-556-7590 834-7590
OUTDOOR RECREATION- Outdoor recreation offers a rental center with a wide variety or outdoor recreational equipment, household items, lawn care items, etc. They also manage several other facilities including the base lake and picnic areas. The ski shop operates October through the end of April.  The base also stocks three fishing ponds with several varieties of fish. 719-556-4867 834-5867
SILVER SPRUCE GOLF COURSE- Our golf course is located directly across from the Mitchell Gate. It is an 18-hole course with a driving range, putting green, pro shop and snack bar. There are golf clubs and carts for rent. 719-556-4558 834-4558
LIBRARY- The library (bldg 1171) offers more than just books, magazines, and video cassettes. Stop in to use the computer lab, photocopier, and typewriters. 719-556-7462 834-7462
BOWLING CENTER- The bowling alley has automatic scorers, a pro shop, rental lockers, and a league bowling. There is also a great snack shop which also delivers for those in base housing. 719-556-4607 834-4607
R.P. LEE YOUTH CENTER- This facility is l 719-556-7220
FAMILY SERVICES- Family Services hosts several programs which are extremely valuable to newly arriving families. There is a temporary loaning program which provides basic household items to those awaiting household goods shipments. They also keep many brochures on bases around the world which are available to check out.    
FAMILY SUPPORT- The Family Support Center is dedicated to supporting the military family. It houses the Air Force Aid Society as well as the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). If you want to volunteer around the base inquire at the FSC for positions requiring a volunteer. 719-556-6141  



RED CROSS OFFICE-  The Red Cross offers volunteer opportunities, health and safety courses, and emergency assistance.  Also serves the USAF Academy and other geographically separated units.  24 HOUR EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER: 
719-632-3563 834-3563
AIR FORCE AID SOCIETY-  The Air Force Aid Society can assist with emergency loans or grants as well as providing information on college loans and programs.  It is located in the Family Support Center (Bldg 527).      
THRIFT SHOP- The Pikes Peak Combined Spouses Club runs the thrift store.  Great selection and prices.  Located in building 615. 
HOURS: Tuesday - Friday 9a.m. - 2 p.m.   The First and Third Saturday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. 
PIKES PEAK COMBINED SPOUSES CLUB-  Provides support for all spouses.  For information go to .    
FAMILY SUPPORT CENTER- Enhances quality of life and supports unit readiness.  There are more than 18 programs to assist inbound and outbound personnel as well as many resources for all stationed at the base.  The Family Services area runs a loan closet,  keeps information on other bases and loan foreign military tapes.  They also provide complimentary layettes for newborn infants of E-5 and below.  719-556-6141  





CHAPEL- The Base Chapel, located in building 1410,  offers many  options for Catholic and Protestant services.  Jewish services are offered at Temple Shalom in Colorado Springs or at the US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel.   Both also have Religious Education classes. Childcare for infants is offered for Sunday morning services at the Child Development Center located next to the Chapel. 719-556-4442


COMMISSARY- The commissary is located conveniently next to the BX. It offers a good choice of products including a deli, bakery and large meat and produce sections. Patrons must show an ID to enter and all checks are now approved at the front desk.
HOURS: Monday - Friday 9a.m. - 8p.m.  Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.  Sunday- 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
719-556-7765 834-7765 
BX- AAFES is represented with a small, modern BX. It offers a nice variety of products, from toys and clothes to computers and furniture. The Exchange Mall features a BARBER SHOP and BEAUTY SHOP and an optical shop.  There is a food court with pizza and hot dog stands. 
HOURS: Monday - Saturday 9a.m. - 9 p.m. Sunday- 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
There is a CLOTHING SALES and alterations store (bldg 1465) on-base. There are two gas stations on Peterson, one self-service (bldg 1360) and the other near by base housing that also houses the Shoppette.  Both are open 24 hrs.
EDUCATION CENTER- Offers educational opportunities from associates through masters degrees.  Located in Bldg 1411. 719-556-4996 834-4996
BASE HOUSING OFFICE- Apply for on-base housing.  New arrivals are required to check in at the housing office before entering into any rental, lease or purchase agreement for off-base housing.   Located in Bldg 850 at 710 Loring Ave. 
HOURS: Monday - Friday  7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
719-597-7200 834-7200
FITNESS & SPORTS CENTER- Opportunities for physical conditioning as well as intramural sports.   Located in Bldg 560 & 570. 719-556-4462 834-4462
OFFICER'S CLUB- Breakfast and Lunch are served Monday through Friday, Dinner is served Tuesday through Saturday.  Sunday Brunch is open to all ranks.  Club is open to Officers, DOD member Grade GS-07 or higher and non-appropriated fund equivalents.   Located in Bldg 1013 on Stewart Ave. 719-556-4181 834-4181
ENLISTED CLUB-  Offers a sports Lounge and the Buffalo Grill (open to all ranks).  Also has a game room with pool tables.  Located in Bldg 725 719-556-4194 834-4194
AQUATICS CENTER-  Year round indoor facility with pool and swim lessons.  719-556-4608 834-4608
AUTO SKILLS CENTER-  Car repair facilities for do-it-yourselfers.  Also has a coin operated car wash.  Located in Bldg 1361. 719-556-4481 834-4481
COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES CENTER-  Includes the Information, Ticket & Tours Office, an awards shop and framing shop. 719-556-7671 834-7671
CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER- Full day programs.  Facility is divided into 2 centers. 719-556-7460 834-7460
FAMILY CHILD CARE PROGRAM-  Child care providers location in on-base housing. 719-556-4322 834-4322
DENTAL CLINIC. 719-556-1333 834-1333
HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER-  Offers classes and individual counseling on wellness issues.  Located in Bldg 560
HOURS: Monday - Friday  7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
719-556-4292 834-4292
LIFE SKILLS SUPPORT CENTER-  Has programs to help people better handle the stresses of daily military life.  Located in Bldg 1171 719-556-7804 834-7804
LEGAL SERVICES-  Assistance for personal civil matters;  no criminal or business issues.  Located in Bldg 350 719-556-4871 834-4871
AIR & SPACE MUSEUM-  Exhibits depicting Peterson AFB history from WWII to current.   Located in Bldg 981.
HOURS: Tuesday -  Saturday  8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


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